"First Things First" is a game-based tool to help adults learn English words and phrases by associating images with their printed English representation.

This program is based on the "First Things First" class offered at the International Rescue Committee in Atlanta (Georgia, USA), and it follows the topic organization and words/phrases used by that class.

The program contains a series of topics e.g. "colors", "body parts", "clothes" etc. 
Each topic contains a group of words/phrases, and for each word/phrase there is one or more images.

After selecting a topic, the user has a choice of games to play. Each time that the user plays a game, the word/phrases and images in the game are randomized, so the sequence of words and images is always different.

The currently implemented games are:

An image is displayed on the top of the screen. Underneath the image are displayed six words/phrases. The user must click the word/phrase that corresponds to the displayed image.

A word/phrase is displayed on the top of the screen. Underneath the word/phrase are displayed six images. The user must click the image that corresponds to the displayed word/phrase.

Twelve rectangles are shown on a 3X4 matrix. Each rectangle hides either a word/phrase or an image. The user must click two rectangles. After each rectangle is clicked, the word/phrase or image hiding behind it is revealed.

If the two rectangles clicked hide both an image and the word/phrase matching that image, the background of the rectangles turns green and the word/phrase and image remain on display.

If the two rectangles clicked do not hide a matching word/phrase & image pair, the word/phrase and image are once again hidden.
The user must remember what word/phrase or image is hidden behind each rectangle and match all the six word/phrases and associated images.

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